PROTECT Launches New Center Website

Sep 28, 2022 | PROTECT Team

Welcome to the new PROTECT website! This will be the new home of everything PROTECT related for everyone from researchers to students to participants and beyond.

Important research information, like details about PROTECT’s different projects and cores, how projects work together in the center, and the key personnel for research can be found under the ‘Research’ tab. Partner institutions and projects can also be found there, showing how PROTECT branches together different disciplines and personnel, all with the goal of investigating environmental contamination and health in Puerto Rico. This tab is also where researchers can find important data resources, like the PROTECT data dictionary and new data visualization tool.

Trainees can find everything they need for to enhance their PROTECT experience on the ‘Resources for PROTECT Trainees’ page. Individual development plan (IDP) info, instructions, and the new 2022-2023 template will be posted there in the coming weeks. Trainees will also find a periodically updated list of awards and grants for students, along with contact information for the new RETCC team who can support the application process.

PROTECT resources for the community, like the “PROTECTion in Pregnancy” brochure, Reproductive Health Bulletin, and series of PROTECT Yourself brochures on harmful chemicals are under the ‘Resources’ page. Spanish translations of these materials are under the same tab.

Other features on the new site include a comprehensive list of PROTECT’s team from Puerto Rico to Michigan to Boston. Pictures from past PROTECT retreats, SRP conferences, cave trips, and more can be found under the ‘Media’ tab. As always, the team will continue to share stories on exciting PROTECT research and team accomplishments through the ‘News’ page.

We look forward to continuing to share PROTECT’s work with everyone on this new platform!