Along with the PI Jennifer Dy (PI), PROTECT Core D Leader Dave Kaeli (Co-PI) and PROTECT researcher April Gu (Co-PI) have been awarded funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF) for a project entitled “BIGDATA: IA: Exploring Analysis of Environment and Health Through Multiple Alternative Clustering.” The broad objective of this study will be to develop novel data analysis, alternative clustering, data visualization and acceleration solutions to enable exploration and identification of connections hidden in diverse data sets, ultimately leading to new discoveries and knowledge.

Specifically, this project will use data gathered under PROTECT to help uncover the underlying environmental factors and processes that may more broadly impact health and the environment. These efforts will additionally support education through graduate research support, development of inter-disciplinary tutorials, and creation of a new undergraduate class that addresses the intersection between machine learning approaches and parallel computing.

PROTECT is looking forward to participating in such a cutting-edge investigation that will integrate environmental and biological data while promoting progress in data science, environmental science and health.

Congratulations to Professors Dy, Kaeli and Gu!