Research Projects, Research Support Cores, and Enrichment Cores

PROTECT uses a holistic system of research, training and stakeholder engagement to study contaminant exposure and its potential contribution to preterm birth in Puerto Rico and beyond.

PROTECT is organized around a “source-to-outcome” flow (white arrows, bottom) of samples and data. Biological and environmental information and samples are collected by the Human Subjects and Sampling Core at each of the points. Researchers and trainees within Projects 1-4 use the information and samples to inform their studies; further integration of biological and environmental data by the Data Management and Analysis Core enables interdisciplinary understanding beyond what any project could individually achieve. This unique scientific knowledge is enhanced by enrichment core activities to accomplish additional PROTECT products and outcomes: technology transfer, information for the public and a trained workforce.

Learn more about the integrated PROTECT components (four biomedical and environmental research projects, two research support cores and three enrichment cores) by visiting the links below.

Project 1

Biomarker Epidemiology of Exposure to Mixtures, Oxidative Stress, and Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes in Puerto Rico


Project 2

Toxicant-Stimulated Disruption of Gestational Tissues with Implications for Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes

Project 3

Effect of Extreme Weather on Potential Exposure of Contaminant Mixtures in Karst Water Systems

Project 4

Portable, Self-Cleaning Advanced Electro-Oxidation Systems for Distributed and Point-of-Use Water Treatment


Completed Project

Discovery of Xenobiotics Associated with Preterm Birth