As part of the 2017 Annual Retreat, PROTECT and CRECE held a ceremony to honor the Federally Qualified Community Health Centers and other community partners that have been instrumental in advancing both centers’ work in Puerto Rico. The ceremony, which was held on February 17th in San Juan, brought together community partners, researchers, scientific advisory committee members, trainees, and staff.

In particular, PROTECT and CRECE highlighted the efforts of partner Federally Qualified Community Health Centers located in Manatí, Morovis, Lares, Camuy, and Ciales, Puerto Rico. The teams also honored the Manatí Medical Center for their invaluable role as a full collaborator with PROTECT and CRECE center studies. These clinics and hospitals have proven instrumental to community engagement activities and to study participant recruitment, especially as the centers have expanded with the Zika in Infants and Pregnancy (ZIP) project. Team leaders José Cordero, Akram Alshawabkeh, and Carmen Vélez Vega presented plaques to the community health centers in recognition of the work they have done with PROTECT and CRECE.

Honorees at the recognition ceremony during the 2017 PROTECT/CRECE Retreat

In addition, PROTECT and CRECE recognized the pioneer work of three collaborating physicians who have been a leading force in raising awareness of maternal and child environmental health in Puerto Rico. These physicians include Dr. Carlos González Camacho of Delta, Inc, Dr. William Ramírez Cacho of Manatí Medical Center, and Dr. Edwin Soto Tapia of Pavia Hospital, Arecibo.

The Manatí Medical Center website subsequently featured an article highlighting the recognition ceremony.

Thanks again to all of our community partners for their valuable contributions to our centers’ efforts!

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Team members and advisory board members at the recognition ceremony on Friday, February 17th