From June 26th to 30th, 2017, PROTECT and CRECE Team members Carmen Vélez-Vega, Hector Torres, and Colleen Murphy attended the 8th Ibero-American Conference of Health-Promoting Universities where they presented on four different posters. Covered in the team members’ presentations was research from PROTECT, CRECE, and The Zika in Infants and Pregnancy (ZIP) study. Carmen Vélez-Vega also moderated a panel on June 28th called “Universities promoting Health. For inclusive, integral and equal health.”

The conference was held at the University of Alicante located in Alicante, Spain and hosted “more than 200 participants from countries such as Mexico, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Brazil and Portugal.” The goal of the conference was to address issues such as “national and international health promotion policies, accessibility and inclusion, and the contribution of universities in the development of policies and actions to promote health at the regional, national and global levels.”

Left image: Trainee Collen Murphy with her poster; Middle image: Carmen Vélez-Vega, Co-leader of PROTECT’s CEC and CRECE’s COTC, talks to an attendee about her poster; Right image: Trainee Hector Torres with his poster

The titles of each poster (translated from Spanish to English) and the authors behind the research can be found below:

1. “Where is it?” Community perception of Zika and other viruses transmitted by mosquitoes in Puerto Rico.

Vélez-Vega, C.M.; Murphy, C.; Pérez-Ramos, J.; Dye, T.

2. Differential exposure to environmental pollution as a determinant of health and early development.

Vélez-Vega, C.M.; Brown, P.; Murphy, C.; Cardona, N.; Cordero, J.; Alshawabkeh, A.; Huerta, G.

3. Community bonding and translational research on maternal and child health in the Northern Karst of Puerto Rico.

Vélez-Vega, C.M.; Brown, P.; Murphy, C.; Cordero, J.; Alshawabkeh, A.; Brody, J.

4. Knowledge, attitudes, and practices of healthcare providers in Puerto Rico regarding the determinants of environmental health.

Vélez-Vega, C.M.; Murphy, C.; Cardona, N.; López, X.; Clark, S.; Brown, P.; Rosario, Z.