PROTECT Project 5 researchers and trainees presented at the 33rd Annual International Conference on Soils, Sediments, Water, and Energy held on October 16 to 19th, 2017, in Amherst, Massachusetts. This national conference was organized by the Association for Environmental Health and Sciences Foundation (AEHS) which includes a wide variety of representation from academia, state and federal agencies, the military, as well as from a number of industries including railroad, petroleum, transportation, and utilities. This year’s conference featured over 80 posters, hosted nearly 750 attendees, and covered many pressing issues related to soils, sediments, water, and energy.

PROTECT researchers Dr. Yishan Lin and Dr. Lily Rajic presented on groundwater quality and the application of toxicogenomics assay for water quality assessment in Puerto Rico. Lin and Rajic’s presentation was part of a special session on Environmental Issues in the Caribbean. The session was organized and led by Millie Garcia-Serrano, the Regional Director of the MassDEP Southeast Regional Office in Lakeville, MA, and Ricardo Alvarez, the President and General Manager of Operations at On-Site Environmental in Dorado, PR.

Also presenting at the conference were PROTECT trainees Wei Zhou, Yuwei Zhao, and Kimberly Hetrick. Each spoke during poster sessions on their research related to development and enhancement of electrochemical water treatment.

Read more about each trainee’s poster presentation below.

Wei Zhou: Drastic Enhancement of H2O2 Electrogeneration by Green Electrochemical Modification of Graphite Felt in Low Conductivity, Acid-Free Electrolyte

Yuwei Zhao: Electro-Fenton Reaction: Performance Under Different Groundwater Flow and Current Intensities

 Kimberly Hetrick: Influence of Suspended Sediments on Electrochemical Remediation of Karst Groundwater

Trainee Kim Hetrick presents on her poster at the annual AEHS Conference held in Amherst, MA.