US Chamber of Commerce Foundation Delegates Visit PROTECT and CRECE in Puerto Rico

Jan 31, 2018 | Community Engagement Core, PROTECT Events and Presentations, PROTECT Team

On January 23rd and 24th, 2018, 16 delegates from the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation visited the PROTECT and CRECE teams in Puerto Rico with purposes of promoting humanitarian aid. The delegation was composed of corporate representation from companies such as IBM, Southwest Airlines, UPS, and Abbott, among others. During this gathering, Dr. José Cordero, PROTECT and CRECE Co-Director, and Dr. Carmen M. Velez-Vega, PROTECT Community Engagement Core and CRECE Community Outreach and Translation Core Co-Leader, led a series of activities to demonstrate to the delegates that collaborators in Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) could greatly benefit from support the Foundation could provide. As a part of the visit, Dr. Velez Vega also accompanied the delegation to see FQHCs and other communities in need in Puerto Rico.

The meeting was co-planned in the weeks leading up to the visit by Dr. Velez-Vega and Pamela Wilson, a consultant for the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation. Velez-Vega and Wilson identified ideal sites for the delegation to visit and people to speak with in order to support community health in Puerto Rico in the aftermath of natural disasters like Hurricane Maria.

Pamela Wilson from the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation and Dr. Carmen M Velez-Vega, Co-Leader of PROTECT’s Community Engagement Core and CRECE’s Community Outreach and Translation Core.

To aid in the planning, on December 29th, Dr. Velez-Vega and Pamela Wilson joined Emma Fernandez and Deborah Juarbe, team leaders for the University of Puerto Rico Research Center for Minority Institutions (UPR RCMI), for a community workshop in Toa Baja that was severely affected by Hurricane Maria. There, PROTECT trainee Hector Torres led a seminar on the use of mosquito nets and on strategies to prevent infections from mosquito borne illness. Close to 40 families were provided with mosquito nets and insect repellent thanks to this joint effort by PROTECT, CRECE, and the UPR RCMI. In addition to aiding the community, the event also offered a great opportunity for members of the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation to observe the detrimental living conditions that communities in Puerto Rico are still facing in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, hopefully strengthening their resolve to offer support to those in need of aid on the island.