PROTECT Center Holds Research Staff Team Meeting in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Aug 22, 2018 | Events, PROTECT Events and Presentations, PROTECT Team

The Protect Center held an extended meeting in San Juan where our Research Team, Human Subjects & Sampling Core, as well as key members of the Executive Committee had a chance to present and discuss what they are working on and go over our current research strategies.  The PROTECT Center also had researchers and contributors from the CRECE, ECHO and ZIP projects join to help foster collaboration.

On Monday, July 30th the team gathered in the Condado Plaza Hilton to discuss progress with our research cohorts, continued integration and harmonization with the ECHO & CRECE Centers, and to offer an overview of the work and support our Human Subjects & Data Core carries out directly with women, medical centers, and on-site stakeholders. Deb Watkins and Michael Welton both presented progress towards their R21 Projects, which focus on the impacts of Hurricanes Maria & Irma.

On Tuesday, our team members who are based in University of Michigan, University of Georgia, and Northeastern University  visited our clinic in Manati, the Manati Medical Center and the Puerto Rico Medical Center Laboratory based out at the University of Puerto Rico  Medical Campus in San Juan to  review the processes of samples collection, storage and data collection.

PROTECT Researchers at Dinner; L>R: Gredia Huerta-Montanez, Francesca Fernández, Abigail Figueroa , Natacha Guillioty, Ishwara Ayala, Lilliana Gonzalez, Zulmarie Díaz, Carlos Vergara , Michael Welton, Zlatan Feric, Jen Fernandez, Deb Watkins, Sarah Corley, Zaira Rosario-Pabón, José Cordero, Anne Magrath, Colleen Murphy, Akram Alshawabkeh, Mili Vélez Vega

Researchers Group Photo in the Medical Center Lab; L>R: José, Mili, Zlatan, Zaira, Akram, Deb, Jen, Sarah