PROTECT Report Back Team hosts community meeting with study participants in Arecibo, Puerto Rico

Apr 5, 2019 | Community Engagement Core, PROTECT Events and Presentations, PROTECT Team

On the afternoon of Saturday, March 23rd, the PROTECT Community Engagement Core spent the afternoon celebrating and hosting a Report Back session with participants at the Clinical Laboratory Toledo in Arecibo, Puerto Rico. This activity was organized as a part of our ongoing efforts to engage our participants in the study results and research, and stems from the need to regularly report the results of the investigation. Twenty-three women participated in the meeting and brought their sons, daughters, husbands, families and friends. Anticipating the turnout, our team had activities for children including games and socio-educational activities. This activity was a collaboration between research assistants, students, the Report Back coordinator and our principal investigator Dr. Vélez-Vega.

During the session, participants had the space to share their experiences with other women and ask questions about possible exposures and measures to take to reduce exposures. We included an overview of a water filter system that provides drinking water free of the substances that we have founded on the study, such as phthalates. In addition, an educational magazine was created and distributed, which serves as a tool to learn about the substances, the possible effects, and some recommendations to reduce exposure.

Congratulations to our Puerto Rico Report Back Team for hosting such a successful meeting!

Educational Magazine:[SL1]

This material includes information about substances, effects for health, and recommendation to reduce exposures.

PROTECT Report Back Team:

Gianni Algarín Rivera, trainee
Victor Serrano Morales, trainee
Carla Duggal Santiago, trainee
Amailie Santos Rivera, trainee
Milton Rodríguez Padilla, trainee
Rafael Ríos Mc Connell , Trainee
Suzzette Alvarez, Volunteer
Abigail Figueroa and Zulmarie Díaz, Calls to Invite
Héctor R. Torres Zayas, Report Back Coordinator
Dr. Carmen M. Vélez Vega, Principal Investigator