PROTECT Team Attends 2019 Superfund Research Program Annual Meeting in Seattle

Jan 2, 2020 | PROTECT Events and Presentations, PROTECT Team

From November 18th-20th, 32 PROTECT Trainees, Researchers, and Staff attended the 2019 SRP Annual Meeting which was hosted at the Hyatt Regency in Seattle, Washington. This year’s meeting was organized by the University of Washington and the University of Louisville with the support of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, Superfund Research Program.

PROTECT Trainee and KC Donnelly Award Winner Stephanie Eick gave the first talk of the meeting by presenting on “Socioeconomic status and the association between arsenic exposure and type 2 diabetes,” which summarized the research she did on her KC Donnelly Externship with Dr. Craig Steinmaus at the University of California, Berkley Superfund Research Center. To learn more about Stephanie’s experience while working with PROTECT, please review her recent feature in the PROTECT Spotlight Series.

On the second day of the meeting during the “SRP in 3-D: Devices, Demos, & Displays” session, Project 5 Researcher Long Chen and CEC staff Amailie Santos hosted a table for PROTECT where our tools for Water Testing, Treatment, and the report back app were displayed for attendees to explore and interact with. They presented alongside nine other SRP researchers who represented a wide array of the most current Superfund research.

Additionally, later that day Project 2 Trainee Elana Elkin accepted the prestigious Karen Wetterhahn Memorial Award from Gwen Collman, Acting Deputy Director of NIEHS and Director of the NIEHS Division of Extramural Research and Training (DERT). Elana received this award to honor her work examining how environmental contaminant exposure affects placental development and function. After receiving the award, Elana gave a talk on placental cell responses to the trichloroethylene (TCE) metabolite S-(1,2-dichlorovinyl)-L-cysteine, or DCVC. To learn more about Elana’s research, please check out her recent feature in the PROTECT Spotlight Series.

In addition to this recognition, 14 PROTECT Trainees and Researchers presented posters throughout the various poster sessions during the conference: Luis Daniel Agosto Arroyo (HSC), Phil Brown (CEC/RTC), Kyle Campbell (P1), Patrick Compton (P5), Jazmin M. Diaz Rivera (CEC), Shi Dong (DMAC), Elana Elkin (P2), Shayan Hojabri (P5), Elienisse Rodriguez (P4), Anthony Su (P2), Dorothy Vesper (P4, presented by Ingrid Padilla), Deb Watkins (P1), Michael Welton (HSC, presented by Luis Agosto), and Yuwei Zhao (P5).

The PROTECT Center was pleased to participate in and attend the 2019 SRP Annual Meeting, and looks forward to returning in 2020.

[L>R: Jose Cordero, Akram Alshawabkeh, Anthony Su, John D Meeker, Elana Elkin, Kyle Campbell, Stephanie Eick, Gabriel Rodiriguez, Lura Slowinski, Anne Magrath, Phil Brown, Carmen Velez Vega, Patrick Compton, Rita Loch-Caruso, Nancy Cardona, Long Chen, Deb Watkins, Elienisse Rodriguez, Jazmin Diaz, Yuwei Zhao, Zaira Rosario-Pabon, Amber Cathey, Shi Dong, Amailie Santos-Rivera, Thomas Sheahan, Shayan Hojabri, Pahriya Ashrap, Ingrid Padilla, Carlos Vergara, Luis Agosto-Arroyo, Lilliana Gonzalez]


2019 SRP Annual Meeting Photo Album

PROTECT Team Members in Attendance:

Akram Alshawabkeh, NEU – Co-Director & Project Leader (P5)
Amailie Santos-Rivera, UPRMSC – Staff (CEC/HSC)
Amber Cathey, UMICH – Trainee (P1)
Anne Magrath, NEU – Director of Finance & Research Contracts (Admin)
Anthony Su, UMICH – Trainee (P2)
Carlos Vergara, UPR/UGA – Staff (CEC/HSC)
Carmen Velez Vega, UPRMSC – Core Co-Leader (CEC)
Deb Watkins, UMICH – Researcher (P1)
Elana Elkin, UMICH – Postdoc (P2)
Elienisse Rodriguez, UPRM – Trainee (P5)
Ingrid Padilla, UPRM – Project Leader (P4)
Ishwara Ayala, UPR/UGA – Staff (CEC/HSC)
Jazmin Diaz, UPRMSC – Trainee (CEC/HSC)
John Meeker, UMICH – Project Leader (P1)
José Cordero, UGA – Co-Director & Core Leader (HSC)
Kyle Campbell, UMICH – Trainee (P2)
Lilliana Gonzalez, UPR/UGA – Trainee (CEC/HSC)
Long Chen, NEU – Researcher (P5)
Luis Agosto, UPRMSC – Trainee (CEC/HSC)
Lura Slowinski, NEU – Staff (Admin)
Natacha Guilloty, UPR/UGA – Trainee (CEC/HSC)
Pahriya Ashrap, UMICH – Trainee (P1)
Patrick Compton, NEU – Trainee (P5)
Phil Brown, NEU – Core Co-Leader (RTC/CEC)
Rita Loch-Caruso, UMICH – Project Leader (P2)
Shayan Hojabri, NEU – Trainee (P5)
Shi Dong, NEU – Trainee (DMAC)
Stephanie Eick, UGA – Trainee (HSC)
Tom Sheahan, NEU – Core Leader (TC)
Yuwei Zhao, NEU – Trainee (P5)
Zaira Rosario-Pabón, UPR/UGA – Staff (HSC)
Zulmarie Diaz, UPR/UGA – Trainee (CEC/HSC)