PROTECT Community Engagement Core Shares PROTECT Responde Kit with Recruitment Clinics

Oct 13, 2021 | Community Engagement Core

Over the past few months, the PROTECT Community Engagement Core (CEC) Team in Puerto Rico has created and shared educational materials and resources on environmental contaminants and their public health impacts with the cohort community through the social media campaign PROTECT Responde.

One major goal of this campaign is to disseminate educational efforts through the PROTECT Center’s recruitment health clinics. To do this, the CEC team is providing all the materials to be incorporated into the clinic’s health promotion strategies with the PROTECT Responde Kit. The kit contains one pen drive with all of the materials, instructions, and videos used in the PROTECT Responde campaign.

On October 5th, Translational Scientist Chrystal M. Galán and trainee and Ph.D. candidate Nobel O. Hernández Otero met with Camuy Health Services health educator Nidia Velázquez to deliver the PROTECT Responde Kit. Galán and Otero walked through all the materials in the kit and answered questions Velázquez had about the integration of the kit into the clinic education format. Seventy-five printed infographics, fifty printed promotional flyers, five individual infographic posters, and two promotional posters were then given out at Camuy Health Services.

From left to right: Chrystal M. Galán, Nidia Velázquez, and Nobel O. Hernández.

Velazquez invited the PROTECT CEC team to participate in the clinic’s radio program being held on January 18th, 2022. The team will talk about chemical substances and the relationship between these substances and pregnant mothers and Puerto Rican children’s health.

One of the flyers used in the PROTECT Responde Kit.