Project 3 Leader Ingrid Padilla Presents at Inaugural UN Spanish-Language Forum

Oct 13, 2022 | Events, Media Coverage of PROTECT, Project 3 (Fate & Transport), PROTECT Team

On September 9, Project 3 leader Ingrid Padilla took part in the Science and Society for Sustainable Development World Initiative’s “Beyond Language Boundaries: Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion: Bringing Everyone Forward” event. The one-day, Spanish language forum was supported by the United Nations (UN) and the Royal Academy of Science International Trust. The event was transmitted internationally from UN headquarters in New York, with Spanish-speaking youth, scientists, field experts, government officials, international organization representatives, and private sector representatives participating. This was the first high-level forum held in the Spanish language.

Ingrid was a panelist for the “Preserving Life on Land by Protecting Water: The Science-Based Solutions” event. The panel was a high-level conversation that addressed the importance of accessible water, and the methods that can be utilized to preserve it. PROTECT work came up throughout the discussion as Ingrid spoke about the importance of multidisciplinary research and communication in advancing science and finding solutions to societal problems. Ingrid also touched on the need to be inclusive of diverse communities, including those who are not English speakers, in community engagement work.

Project 3 Leader Ingrid Padilla

The forum’s goal was to bridge the international community with Spanish-speaking youth and professionals to enable the sharing of knowledge. Another aim of the forum was language balance, for both spoken and signed languages, which could make International Community activities accessible to more people from diverse backgrounds. Including multiple languages in activities designed for an international audience is a major step in ensuring that everyone can participate in international community events.

The entire event can be watched here. The panel Ingrid participated on starts one hour, 53 minutes into the event.