Nancy Cardona Presents at Annual American Public Health Association Conference

Dec 22, 2022 | Events, PROTECT Events and Presentations, PROTECT Team, Training Core

In November 2022, PROTECT researcher and former trainee Nancy Cardona presented at the Annual American Public Health Association (APHA) Conference in Boston, MA. Dr. Cardona presented her research evaluating phthalate exposure in personal care products, and their relationship with maternal health.

The APHA is America’s leading public health organization, and works to advance the health of communities, strengthen the impact of public health professionals, and uplift science-based voices in policy work. Their annual meeting is an opportunity for public health professionals across the country to share their work and ideas for creating a healthier country.

Dr. Cardona, who is a professor in the Department of Natural Sciences at the University of Puerto Rico Aguadilla, presented on her PROTECT work that looks at the connection between personal care products, like shampoos and soaps, and maternal health. The project specifically focuses on the different maternal health impacts caused by varying brands of products. To understand brand differences, Dr. Cardona developed a methodology that evaluates the impacts of specific brand products used during the gestation period on maternal health. Her methodology further seeks to understand the factors that influence an individual to select a certain brand of a product.

Dr. Cardona’s research contributes to a better understanding of exposure sciences and the impacts that certain products and brands have on maternal health. Going forward, more of this knowledge will make it easier to minimize exposure to chemicals that are dangerous for our health.