Project 3 Trainee Luisa Feliciano gives outstanding presentation on “Visual Design Consideration when Preparing Media” at recent Trainee Coffee Hour

Aug 3, 2020 | Project 3 (Fate & Transport), PROTECT Events and Presentations, PROTECT Trainees

On Wednesday, June 17th Project 3 Trainee and 2019 PROTECT Trainee Development Award Winner Luisa Feliciano gave fellow PROTECT Trainees, Faculty, and Staff a virtual presentation on “Visual Design Consideration When Preparing Media.” This presentation was positively reviewed and effective in providing resources on how to be more effective in conveying scientific research, research translation, and providing critical information within outreach and media materials. This webinar covered a vast array of topics including tips on presenting content visually, searching for appropriate graphics, navigating and utilizing different file types and editing software, creating visually appealing PowerPoints, finding free resources, and reproducing tables for research presentations. We encourage folks to review this informative presentation by watching the recording here.

This presentation was created as a part of Luisa’s participation in the Research Experience and Training Coordination Core’s Individual Development Plan (IDP) Project. The IDP is an opportunity for trainees to integrate their knowledge in the field of environmental health and within their own disciplines into a project which will help develop their applied research methods, contribute to Community Engagement and Research Translation Core Activities, as well as bolstering their professional development. In 2019, the Desafío group element was added to the IDP to foster trainee collaboration across different research projects within our center and challenge them to complete a professional development project together. In addition to this presentation within the Trainee Coffee Hour Series, Luisa’s Desafío group has also participated in coordinating other professional development and technical webinars for trainees to attend. Luisa, Pahriya Ashrap (Project 1), Jingyi Yu (Projects 2 & 4), and Yuhui Bao (Data Management and Analysis Core) helped coordinate the LinkedIn Webinar with Dr. Manny Contomanolis in February 2020 and the Technical Webinar with Dr. Larry Lash in April 2020.

Luisa is an environmental engineering PhD student working with Dr. Ingrid Padilla in Project 3. She has an electrical engineering background (B.S. and M.S.) with an emphasis on renewable energy systems. Currently she mentors graduate ESL students from Latin America and Puerto Rico at UPRM GRIC to help them develop competence in English communication and volunteers as a middle school robotics/coding instructor and guest editor for the JOUST Journal. Additionally, she was a 2019 IDP Award Winner and used her funding to attend and present at the 2019 AGU Fall Meeting. In her spare time, she loves drawing and illustrating with her two daughters.

We are so proud of the continued work she does at the PROTECT Center and can’t wait to see what she does in the future!